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Landlord-tenant matters can involve highly important and sensitive legal issues on both sides. Landlords need to protect their investments and make sure that the tenant is paying on time and not harming the property or neighbors. While tenants have the right to live in habitable, safe and maintained dwellings and units.


Marcus E. Stein is experienced in dealing with both landlord-tenant issues and helping our clients reach their specific goals. Landlord Tenant law can be a complex area of law with significant financial repercussions.

Eviction Lawsuit Filings, Eviction Defense, Trials and Appeals --  – Call today to schedule a FREE consultation.


If you’re a homeowner struggling to make payments and facing foreclosure, it is in your best interest to consult an attorney such as Marcus E. Stein for a free case evaluation to see if your foreclosure is worth fighting.


Each foreclosure case is different and comes with complicated nuances that can ultimately make or break the case. In view of this, it is unlikely that a homeowner could mount a successful defense to foreclosure without an attorney such as Marcus. E. Stein.


We understand that facing foreclosure is stressful and that you may be uncertain as to your legal rights in the matter. If you are a homeowner facing foreclosure in the state of Florida, contact Marcus E. Stein today for a free case evaluation.

At the Law Offices of Marcus E. Stein, we represent both landlords and tenants in landlord-tenant disputes. Due to our deep understanding and experience with Florida property laws, we are able to provide results that matter to our landlord-tenant clients.

Marcus E. Stein, P.A., fights hard for his landlord and tenant clients, and handles all types of landlord-tenant disputes, ranging from lease and contract disputes to eviction and rent-control issues. We are ready to fight for your rights, whether in negotiations, mediation or in the courtroom.


No matter how complicated your landlord-tenant dispute is, Marcus E. Stein has the skills and experience to effectively advocate on your behalf. 

Evictions can be difficult to navigate as each case poses its own unique set of challenges, and requires thorough understanding and execution of the Florida Eviction Process.


If you are a landlord, property manager, or tenant in need of counsel to help prosecute or defend a Landlord/Tenant case, please ud today for your free consultation today.


Marcus E. Stein will closely review the details of your case against the statutes set forth by Florida’s Landlord/Tenant law and help formulate a legal strategy to lead you to ultimate success in your eviction proceedings.


Evictions are summary procedure actions and time is of the essence. If you are facing or filing an eviction, please contact Marcus E. Stein today for your free case evaluation.

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